Hi there! I’m Mary Lemusu, mum of two young amazing children, from New Zealand and residing in Australia. I am passionate about my health and wellbeing and that of my children, and believe we should all strive to be the best version of ourselves. I am a firm believer in things happening for a reason and believe we need to make the most of every challenge put before us.

I have recently discovered that I am a carrier of the CDH1 gene mutation, which basically puts me at a high risk (up to 80%) of developing an extremely rare form of gastric cancer (at any age) and also a high risk of developing a rare type of breast cancer (lobular) which is also difficult to detect. To date, the only preventative measure for this type of gastric cancer is to have a prophylactic (preventive) total gastrectomy – basic terms: Complete removal of the stomach.

The purpose of my blog is to:

  • share my journey with family and friends
  • educate and raise awareness of what it means to be a carrier of the CDH1 gene mutation
  • share some tips and recipes to assist in living a healthy lifestyle

I hope to reach out to anyone who may be going through a similar journey, and I also believe this will be a healing process for myself as I take on this new chapter in my life.

That said, Welcome to my new Blog where I will share my journey with you…. (see first post ‘ A Broken Heart‘)


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  1. Jayne Isaacs says:

    Cousin my heart is with you and the whanau. I am here for you all in any way l can tautoko.
    I love you very much x

  2. Mel Belford says:

    All the best love! Thinking of you and wishing you well on this new journey. Will be cheerleading you on from here in NZ! Go you for making changes and raising awareness. It’s a brave thing to do but you will have heaps of support along the way and I for one will be looking forward to your recipes posts and tips!
    Take care x

  3. Kelly says:

    So like your Mama to give of yourself like this to help others. She lives in you, sis. Thank you for your raw, honest and touching words. They will give hope to so many. xxxxx

  4. Pamela says:

    You are a gift. Bless you

  5. Lorene says:

    Such a selfless beautiful spirit! I will be following you and your journey Mary. Much love to you all xo

  6. Sharen Tufue says:

    In Christ, all things are possible!

    Thinking of you xx

  7. Bronwyn Jahnke says:

    Hi Mary,
    Goosebumps and admiration reading this. Stay strong, lots of love and well wishes xx

  8. Catherine Mu says:

    Talofa Lava Mary.
    In pursuit of your journey I will follow with alofa. May you and your family know that the unity of many will strengthen us all as one as we support you emotionally, spiritually, mentally and for some of us physically. Let the Atua guide us through.

  9. Mata says:

    So inspired by your story Mary. You are an amazing women!

  10. marlene waith says:

    Wow what strength its one thing to exoerience the struggles an its anorher thing to actually share it. I admire you ..in your time of need you are caring for others to help them be aware. That is pure Christlike love. I pray you receive all you stand in meed of for you an your family

  11. My baby sister is about to take a step into a future of the unknown and endeavour to fight the nasty cancer causing CDH1 gene mutation. It will take a special person to take on this challenge and beat it – Mary you are that special person! We are all here for you! (also posted on my Google+)

  12. Tanya Aliki says:

    You are definitely an inspiration my dear cousin. You are a strippling Warrior in every sense of the word. Stripling in that you are willing and prepared to break/tear down barriers of fear surrounding this rare cancer, a Warrior, in that you, with aunties wairua, are determined to hold high thine head and forge forward through this challenge. I am proud to call you whanau and willing to offer support where needed. Know that we are walking your journey with you. Know that you are loved and supported by all who gravitate to your strength and spirit. Love you Eternally cuzz.

  13. Elizabeth Allen says:

    Kia ora Mary,
    My name is Elizabeth, I used to attend LDS in Hataitai with my friend Edelynn. I remember your whanau well & your Mum will always hold a place in my heart. Her smile is unforgettable! I was very sad to hear of your whanau’s loss and wish you all much strength and love.
    Reading your blog, I felt compelled to say something as I am very sorry to hear that you are the carrier of such a gene and are now facing major surgery, among other things.
    I will follow your blog (I only follow 2) and will be thinking of you, your husband, babies & whanau, throughout your journey.
    Arohanui Elizabeth.

  14. Waina says:

    Hey Beautiful Mummy,
    I met you at the Heilani Easter Day get together at berrinba. Also went to school with your hubby.
    Sending lots of hugs along your journey, for you an your family. Keep inspiring.
    Arohamai xx

  15. Kassandra kingi says:

    Mary you are definitely an inspiration.
    As your brother has said it will take a special person to face this challenge and beat it. My cousin you are that person. We are here to support you. Luv you cousin xx

  16. Carly says:

    Sending love and strength. The body is capable of amazing things! xx

  17. Melanie Higgins says:

    Morning my cuz, this page is awesome and you are a beautiful strong wahine .
    I have told Justine about this page, you will hear from her soon.
    Love you my cuz xxx moon and back

  18. Lesley Cure says:

    am wishing u all the best for your up coming operation. Sending lots of love and prayers to u and whanau. xoxox

  19. Steve Short says:

    Interesting blog I have also had total gastrectomy for CDH1 which is prominent in our family so we support and encourage you with your journey ahead, Kia Kaha xoxox

  20. Waikohua rata says:

    Kiā ora i too am a carrier of the same gene and had my stomach fully removed here in Australia you will be fine stay positive be strong and your journey will be bright piki te ora me te kaha xxx

    • MummyWithNoTummy says:

      Kia Ora! Thank you for your message! Where are you located in Australia? I had my op in June in Brisbane, things seem to be going ok, have my good and not so good days. Hope your recovery is going well x

      • waikohua rata says:

        I had my op here in Brisbane on the 29th of august 2013 its been 3 years and im still learning my body the vitamin b 12 shots iron shots , In my whanau I was the first to have it removed in Australia too my gene comes from my mothers side I come from Tauranga moana

  21. Hi Mary, it’s Tiffany here from Te Rau Aroha (E.B.I.S)
    Nga mihi aroha ki a koe e wahine toa.
    God keep his hand over you and your family through your journey.
    Stay strong 🙂 xx

    • MummyWithNoTummy says:

      Kia Ora Tiffany!
      Nga mihi ki a koe mo to panui! It’s lovely to hear from you, I hope all is well with you and your whānau x

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